Here are three of the top online pokers based on a specific site online which may give you bonuses every month. Although the wager requirement is quite high at some casinos, the same advantage of getting a return every month and receiving a bonus is much to look for. They are listed in no specific order and are given assessment according to bonuses, payments, software and customer care. These assessments are based on our personal view but may be used for your reference.

• PARTY POKER (by Iglobmedia)
This is considered to be the biggest poker rooms online. There are 24 hour assistance and have a lot of exciting tournaments.
As a new player you are given a 30% deposit bonus. You may get as high as $150 on a $500 deposit. The bonus will be redeemed upon earning 600 party points. You may play games with only one account.
You may exchange your party points for cash, gift certificates or gateway to selected tournaments. You may also use these points for special free roll tournaments and lastly once you reached the minimum of 2500 points, you may convert this already to cash.

This is launched last 2004 and was considered to be the most successful poker room at the moment.
As a new player, you will get $600 bonus. You may get this bonus amount automatically on your bonus account which will save and pay you in rates of 10% or your first deposit of $20 depending on which is reached first.

It has assured tournaments every month at a total of $5 million. Having its own independent poker platform, you can still find good action and games because they still accept players from the U.S.
You as a new customer may get 110% deposit bonus and get up to $550 in bonus if you have a $500 deposit. You will get 10% ($50) and 100% bonus will be in rates. Once you earn 10 points, you will get additional $1.00.

Hope these could help you to choose what suits you best. Enjoy!